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lots of electrical problems - HELP!

Williamhawk, 2017-11-17 11:37
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2017-10-23 17:38
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Hi all,
My wife's Sequoia has been having LOTS of problems in the last few months and now it's just getting crazy. In the last year the brake light on the dash went on, although the parking brake wasn't on. I ignored that though. Then shortly after getting the timing belt and water pump replaced the 2 yellow lights in the upper right (trac?) went on. My mechanic ran the codes and it said that a sensor in one of the wheels was bad, but he also noticed that my brake pads were down to about 2%. Since $$$ was tight I just had him replace the pads. That got rid of the yellow lights on the dash.

Somewhere around this time I noticed (my wife never noticed this) that when I put the key in the car and turned it to the 2nd click (just before you would turn the key that final amount to start the car) the car would start. So the car was starting when it wasn't supposed to.

Perhaps a week or 2 after that, my wife went out one morning and the battery was dead. Completely dead. The remote wouldn't even unlock the doors. The lights were in the "on" position, but she always clicks the remote 2x to shutoff the lights. I charged the battery and it was fine for about a week. During this week the temperature display (for the in the car temperature) switched from Farenheight to Celcius. It switched back and forth a couple of times over a few days. It has been fine ever since.

Then we got a knock at our door around 10pm from a neighbor saying that our deadlights were turning on and off. Sure enough they were. I opened the car and turned the light knob to the "off" position. They didn't come on again. About a week later we got in the car and as soon as I started the car the rear window went down all by itself. I put it back up and locked the windows. About 3 other times as soon as I clicked the button to unlock the windows the rear window would go down by itself. It only did it on that day though and hasn't done it since.

Things were fine for about 2 weeks and last Friday my wife's car was dead again. The lights were off though and no other interior lights were left on and nothing else was plugged into the car. She had driven the car on Thursday. I charged the battery again and then on Saturday night we noticed that lights were turning on and off all by themselves again. Then Sunday the alarm would just go off all by itself. It did this 3x during the day. Then I just unplugged the battery.

It's a SR5 base model. No daytime running lights and therefore no DRL relay. I went thru some old threads and fear that I am going to get stuck with having to buy a new computer for about $2000 for the vehicle. I can't afford that, so I am really hoping there is another option.

Please help.

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