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Problems and Issues with first delivered QV's

Williamhawk, 2017-11-20 09:53
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2017-10-23 17:38
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HI All.

I am probably going to buy a new Giulia QV in the up coming weeks. I live in Spain and got an offer for a 2017 Giulia QV (2017 production).

As I see in the forum a few "early buyers" are having some issue with their cars. My fear is that at this point all QV are bond to have some problems.

Does anyone have a QV delivered in the last 1-2 months (late 2016 production) and can give some feedback?

I am really into this car and can't wait any more, so I want to buy one from stock (not place a new order which will arrive only in summer time).

Another issue is with the spec they offered me. The car they have has all I want, apart from the Sports Carbon + alcantara steering wheel.
I was thinking to get it as a later modification after I got the car (don't know the cost for that now, anyone has an idea?). Can anyone give a feedback about the usage and feel of this wheel?
Also if you can compare it to the normal leather wheel that comes with the QV.

Please help.

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